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Welcome To Black Gold Tea

We, the team of Black Gold Tea, initiated our mission with a VISION to not only provide the best tea blend in the market but also educate the consumer and enhance their knowledge for tea. Tea is the most important beverage in human life which is being neglected by many of us just because we are unaware of its benefits.

The main aim of the Black Gold Tea as a family, is to EDUCATE first and then SALE the product. The idea of this brand came to our mind just because of the under development of the tea sector. Tea has not been developed as much as other beverages in the market. Tea is also recommended by many Doctors for the prevention and also at the time of curing various diseases.
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History Of Tea

Legend has it that tea was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, 5,000 years ago. A scholar and herbalist he was resting under a tree and whilst boiling his drinking water a leaf drifted down into it. The Emperor found the brew deliciously refreshing and revitalising - the rest is history!

Tea had reached China, possibly from its indigenous India, by 200 AD. The earliest record of its cultivation was the fourth century AD. It had travelled to Japan by the eighth century. The infusion method of preparing tea had become accepted practise during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). During this time it was discovered by Venetian spice traders. It was then brought from Java to Europe by the Dutch in 1610.
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Type Of Tea

- Green Tea
- Black Tea
- White Tea
- CTC Tea
- Darjeeling Tea

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