About Us

We, the team of Black Gold Tea, initiated our mission with a VISION to not only provide the best tea blend in the market but also educate the consumer and enhance their knowledge for tea. Tea is the most important beverage in human life which is being neglected by many of us just because we are unaware of its benefits.

The main aim of the Black Gold Tea as a family, is to EDUCATE first and then SALE the product. The idea of this brand came to our mind just because of the under development of the tea sector. Tea has not been developed as much as other beverages in the market. Tea is also recommended by many Doctors for the prevention and also at the time of curing various diseases.

It’s just an initiative from our side to develop Tea as a product. We give priority to not only the Black Gold Tea as a brand but also to the Tea industry as a whole so that we can develop horizontally and also vertically. And that can only be done if Tea as a beverage will be innovated.

Tea being a very sensitive product needs to be packed properly in polythene material bag, which creates global warming concerns for the society. The Black Gold Tea is taking an initiative of collecting the used tea packets from its customers and giving them a reward on next purchase of Tea. This will help us to reduce the wastage created by the polythene in the society and we will also be able to recycle and reuse the material as much as we can. Moreover, we will not be selling the packed tea in the polythene bags instead of that we will use woven bags so that we can reduce the use of plastics.
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